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1:1 Private Coaching 

Accelerate eczema healing and live your best life

Julia Chien, RD, Vancouver-based Dietitian for Natural Eczema Healing helping adults globally

Take your skin healing to the next level

1:1 Coaching is for the individual who has done all the "strategies" for eczema healing but still feeling stuck, and desires to look deeper into the root causes beyond the diet and supplements. Work with Julia closely over the next 6 months to discover your root causes, elevate your mindset and finally start healing and living your best life.

Gain clarity.

Accelerate skin healing.

Achieve your dreams.

Who 1:1 Coaching is for...

1:1 Coaching is for you if you are an adult eczema or TSW warrior who wants to implement Julia's proven strategies with unlimited support and accountability to ensure optimal healing outcomes.

This is for you if you want to...

Have a proven strategy to bring clarity to your eczema healing journey.

Eliminate what isn't working from your protocol and focus on what yields results.

Harness the power of mindset to effortlessly attract healing so you no longer doubt your ability to heal.

Have a sustainable healing protocol that allows you to heal while maintaining your lifestyle.

Benefit from the highest level support and accountability from a Coach who has gone through it too.

Julia Chien, RD, Vancouver-based Dietitian for Natural Eczema Healing helping adults globally

Imagine a life where...

You get to heal your skin without any restrictive dieting, but with ease + flow.

You get to wear all the beautiful clothes sitting in your wardrobe you've been dying to put on.

You get to travel, eat good food, and create unforgettable memories with your friends and family.

You get to sleep through the night without any interruptions, waking up feeling refreshed.

You no longer need to rely on steroids and medications because you have the tools to heal naturally.


And above all, you achieve your dream goal of radiant skin with confidence.

Meet your Coach, Julia.

My journey started in 2015 when I decided to come off of steroids and heal my skin the natural way.

At that time, there was very little info on how to heal, so I spent many years doing trial and error in search of a sustainable solution to my eczema.

In 2015, coaching programs for eczema and TSW were virtually non-existent, and even today, few practitioners specialize in these areas.

So as someone who has gone through the personal challenges of eczema and TSW, conquering the toughest battle to now living my best life...

I'm here to teach you the same so you don't have to waste time like I did.

You have the potential to heal faster than you can imagine.

Julia Chien, RD, Vancouver-based Dietitian for Natural Eczema Healing helping adults globally

Inside 1:1 Coaching you get...

A Full Audit of Your Eczema History and a Personalized Healing Protocol

You will receive a full clinical assessment done by Julia where she will then create a healing protocol specific to your root causes with diet, supplements, lifestyle and mindset recommendations.

Effective Strategies to Reduce Flares and Itch Less

Learn and implement Julia's top strategies to help you better manage flare ups and the day to day. We will talk about nutrition, supplements that help and skincare to alleviate symptoms.

Unlimited Mindset Support and Accountability

Solidify your mindset over the course of 6 months and heal your limiting beliefs, learn to trust yourself, and manifest healing to achieve all of your goals and desires.

Biweekly 1:1 Calls and Unlimited Text Access

This is where all your questions are answered promptly. I consistently monitor all my client's progress, making necessary adjustments along the way. Between sessions, we maintain communication via Telegram, where I often send voice notes!

Access to Clear Your Eczema

Where you have over 30 video lessons giving you tools and strategies on how to heal your body inside out. Includes resources, meal plans, journalling exercises and more to further accelerate your healing.

Access to Weekly Group Calls and Group Community

Connect with other like-minded individuals who are on this journey with you in our group chat on Telegram as well as our weekly group calls.

12 biweekly 1:1 calls, unlimited text access to Julia, exclusive access to the CYE community, modules, and more. Apply below!

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