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Live your best life free from inflammation.

Julia Chien Dietitian for Natural Eczema Healing

Experience relief from general inflammation including eczema, gut issues, fatigue and chronic symptoms with the guidance of Julia Chien, RD, helping you heal inflammation naturally.

How To Heal?

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1:1 Coaching

Feeling lost, overwhelmed and not knowing where to start for skin healing? Tired of doing everything but not seeing results? Work with Julia in her coaching programs where you'll receive unlimited support and guidance on your skin healing journey.



Looking for unlimited access to tools and knowledge for your healing journey ? Check out Julias courses where she teaches you topics including diet, supplements, mindset and more.



Want quick tips to implement for eczema healing? Check out Julias freebies where she has supplement guides and masterclasses to give you a good start if you are new to your journey.

Julia Chien Dietitian for Natural Eczema Healing

Hi, I'm Julia!

Julia is a Registered Dietitian specializing in Eczema, TSW, Gut Health, General Inflammation and Mindset. She empowers individuals to naturally heal inflammation. Passionate about guiding others towards a medication-free, symptom-free life, Julia draws from her personal journey of overcoming severe inflammation and is dedicated to helping clients achieve the same.


Download How to Clear Your Eczema in 6 Steps Guide

The Eczema Warrior Podcast

A podcast for individuals battling inflammation who desires a life of clear skin, a healthy gut, and vibrant energy through holistic healing.  Julia shares practical strategies and tools that she used to go from severe inflammation to travelling and living her best life - so you can achieve the same!

The Eczema Warrior Podcast

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